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on November 15, 2015

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Rhino Poaching

Hello Susan Bikash Bora with emailbikashboradigipoint@gmail.com has sent the following message  Another rhino in Kaziranga shot at, horn choppedoff  Barely 24 hours after the gruesome incident inwhich poachers chopped off the horn of a live rhino after shooting at it,another pachyderm underwent a similar fate in the Kaziranga National Park inAssam Today.The latest incident took place at Burhapahar range of the Park.  The rhino, which was shot at and its hornchopped off by suspected poachers in the wee hours of Thursday, is battling forlife and forest veterinarians are attending to it.  In the wee hours of Wednesday, suspectedpoachers shot at a female rhino, which had strayed out of the park on Tuesdaynight searching for higher ground. They also chopped off the rhino's horn whenit was still alive and left the animal profusely bleeding.  The rhino, which was attended to byveterinarians from the Kaziranga National Park is still alive.  Kindly give a presser indian govt to save thisrare animal .Thanx

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Tigers and leopards

In January 2005, the Delhi Police seized a huge contraband of animal skins which included 60kg of tiger and leopard paws, 3 kg of claws and around 40 bones besides the skins. Also, in January the forest department has confirmed that Sariska in Rajasthan does not have any tigers any more. Ranthambhore, our showcase for tigers is suffering a crisis of management because of excessive tourist influx- and the lack of basic facilities to the villager...

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