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Environmental sustainability will be everyone's concern, if each one of us discovers our own personal reason to be concerned about it.

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On a trail of the Ganga - PART 1V

“I saw so much trash everywhere, even here in Gangotri and all the way up to Gomukh”. Gyanji replied, “You are right, actually, plastic has reached even up to Tapovan”. He then turned to his visitor and remarked, “Every year, the river cuts through the rocks and goes deeper into the earth. They say that earlier the river was flowing on top of those ridges, slowly it has cut through the mountains and today it is in this level. The scriptures say that, by the end of Kalyug, Ganga will disappear into Pataal (the earths’ bowels)”. May be that was what’s happening.

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A lot needs to be done!

The time has come for environmental education to move out of class rooms and address real problems out there. Environmental Education, I have always believed, is a life long learning subject. It cannot be straightjacketed as biology, chemistry, economocs law, etc- It has to take from all disciplines to be meaningful. This can really be achieved by any educated person. We had an interesting chat on the topic with Lima Rosalind of WWF(I). Read th...

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Adapting to Climate Change: mangrove forests for coastal restoration

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