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B2 has died aged 14 years and a half which is a rarrissime age for a male tiger wild. Only an exceptional tiger as B2 could reach that age having had an alpha male reign for more than 11 years. I know of no other examples and there is probably no. From him I would keep many memories that they gave me the emotion can not be expressed.  One of them during a long photo shoot he had granted. I was lying on the floor of the jeep to be at its height and began to roll off me without eyes, then he stopped on his back legs in the air, staring at me forever. After a minute he finished his roll, he rose, marked its territory and disappeared.

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Invisible rural engineer

Chewang Norphel, 67, is a soft-spoken innovator from Ladakh. For over 15 years, Norphel, a civil engineer by training, has been building ‘artificial glaciers’ to make life a little easier for the hard-working but poverty-stricken farmers of Ladakh. Farmers in his village call him a messiah. Ex-President K R Narayanan called him an “invisible rural engineer”. But Norphel is better known as Ladakh’s ‘glacier man’ who can generate water and vegeta...

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