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Purple-rumped Sunbird.( Nectarinia zeylonica )

Under this glistening, lovable small bird is a very bold and fearless complex, which is shown by the males when nesting is going on. They can be seen in home gardens too, early in the mornings flitting from flower to flower with chikk....chikkk...chikkk singing in quest of nectar.

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Power of Video to change/motivate? Read this real life story

"Ela Bhatt was totally sold on the idea. With support from the United Nations Development Programme and USAID, she managed to bring the Martha Stewart team to Ahmedabad. Twenty women from SEWA were given an intensive three-week training. They were all women from the unorganised sector who were unfamiliar even with basic electrical stuff, let alone digital technology. There was Leelaben, the vegetable vendor, Shubhadraben, the bidi-roller, ...

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