Okhla Bird Park and Wildlife Sanctuary
The sanctuary came about into existence with the construction of the Okhla Barrage way back in the late 1950s and 1960s and is right on the Yamuna River between Delhi and Uttar Pradesh at the south-eastern end of Delhi on one side and the western boundary of NOIDA.

With Yamuna River being on the route of Migratory Birds and providing large space with suitable habitat on its both banks and suitable food in plenty, the birds had been using this area as a staging post for their migration both ways during the winter.

It is on the east side of Afzal Ganj and just behind the Kalindi Kunj on Delhi side and just across the main road between NOIDA and Mayur Vihar to the south of The Noida Toll Bridge Toll Plaza.

Some Facts:
Over Three hundred species of birds (out of about 450 species recorded for Delhi and around Delhi) can be spotted here. The spot is good for birding throughout the year, though best season is during September-March for Winter Migratory Birds.

Okhla ka Ghosla

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