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Postage stamps issued with pictures of wildlife/nature become Collector's items. In our routine brush with postage stamps most of us, unless we are ardent stamp collectors, miss these colourful stamps. brings you a feature wherein we examine each day a special stamp issued by the Department of Posts to commemorate an endangered species or to celebrate a beautiful natural heritage.

The Posts and Telegraphs Department brought out a  series of four postage stamps on Indian Wild Life in 1976. The stamps depict Swamp Deer (25P), Lion (50P), Leopard (100P) and Caracal (200P).

The Asiatic or Indian lion used to be found in Iran and Iraq as well as in northern and central India. It is now restricted to the Gir forest in Gujarat.

The Indian lion is similar to the African cousin but has some slight differences such as fewer spots visible when young and longer tail tassels. The habits of the Indian lion do not differ from those of the African. By day they rest under the shade of trees and at dusk go in quest for food. Their roars are heard throughout the night, more noticeably at dusk and again just before daybreak. In the Gir forest they prey mainly on game and cattle.

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