THE CLUB took shape from the belief that
  • There is an imperative need to adapt the latest technologies to spread the message of conservation
    and environment education.
  • That environment can be healthy only when the common man is convinced and involved.
  • Field trips to watch wildlife need to be promoted in the best interest of conservation.
The credo of
Environmental sustainability will be everyone's concern, if each one of us discovers our own personal reason to be concerned about it.
The mission of
  • Build an online 'community of practice'of nature lovers by harnessing the power of the Internet and social media to bring together nature lovers in a manner that makes it easy and interesting for each individual to contribute to, as well as learn from the diverse experience of others.
  • Bring together the environmentalist and the nature -enthusiasts, in order to broad base the dialogue on, as well as concern for environmental sustainability. is a social enterprise. Though the site is a business and we hope to be a profitable one, our overarching aim is to sustain our online activities and plough back profits, if any, to further our online and offline activities. We manage with the aim of serving our community as much as serving our members and we endeavour to conduct business in an ethical manner.

With this in mind, do not accept advertising from firms engaged in the business of trading in live animals and firms involved in selling adult content. is a community and is not a lobby group. We are independently funded and have no particular political or religious or corporate affinity. That said our members are very active when it comes to saying something they feel strongly about.

The Press on Indian Wildlife Club
Dr. Susan Sharma,
MSc. Ph.D ( IIT, Delhi)
Nature Film Maker
and Founder of the Club
Alok Kaushik,
Senior Consultant,
Vivek Srivastava,
Creative Consultant
Govind Singh,
Senior Consultant,
Shivani Thakur
Sharanya Narayanan,
Web administrator
Regular Contributors To Our Ezine 'Wildbytes'
Toby Ninan retired from the Delhi Zoological Park about three years back. With his varied experiences with the wild animals in the Delhi Zoological Park and the Singapore Zooligical Gardens, he is the right person to direct your queries to. Hear what Ninan has to say about his life and chosen career!
Prashant Mahajan worked for the Coservation Education Centre, Bombay Natural History Society(BNHS), Mumbai. A devoted naturalist, he is a well known educator on environmental and conservation issues.
Deepika Vohra served as the head of the Department of Beauty Culture at the International Polytechnic for Women at New Delhi. She also ran a beauty clinic at Delhi's Vasant Kunj for some time from where she relocated to New York for five years. Exposure to the world capital of beauty and cosmetics gave her an opportunity to compare the Indian beauty industry with the razzle dazzle of the New World.
Yasser Arafat, Watching wild life has been a hobby for Yasser. Having completed his MBA, Yasser has now devoted himself to do something for the conservation of endangered wild animals and birds of Himalaya. His field experiences of the pheasants and wild animals of Himalaya are shared with members of through photographs and observations.
John H.Eickert runs an adventure tour company in Montana, U.S.A. He believes that any trip in search of wildlife can be coupled with physical activity and elements of cultural diversity to form a thrilling opportunity.
Ms. Promila Chaturvedi is a freelance landscape designer whose organization " Gardens India" undertakes a number of projects in landscaping and gardening.

While working with "Gardenscapes", Ms Chaturvedi was involved in the designing of a number of projects which include Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO) in Hydrabad and Bangalore, and a number of projects in Delhi including the India Habitat Center.

Dr. Shomita Mukherjee graduated from St. Xavier’s college, Mumbai in 1987 in Zoology, Biochemistry and Entomology. For her post graduation she joined the Wildlife Science course at the Wildlife Institute of India in 1988. Her Master’s dissertation was on three small carnivores, the jungle cat, fishing cat and golden jackal in Keoladeo Ghana National Park, Bharatpur.
Raghavendra Rao is Studying ecology and wild animal behavior, Study of Birds lives, Comparitve study of captive zoo animals with their wild counterparts, Photography and videography of Nature and Automobiles. He is a member of World Wide Fund, National Geographic Society and US Bird Forum. He is currently living in Mysore city.
Anuradha Sharma graduated in 2003 from Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi where she studied for a BSc in Biochemistry. After that she went on to do an MPhil in Biological Anthropology at University of Cambridge, UK. Following that and before returning to India, Anuradha worked as a placement student with the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Jersey Zoo. Two of her role-models are Jane Goodall and Gerald Durrell.
Mr. Ananthanarayanan is a senior professional in the Indian Railways. . His column “ Simple Science” in the Mumbai dailies is extremely popular and he has authored a few books on Science being made simple. A keen observer of nature, Mr. Ananthanarayanan has also been a keen member of from its inception.
Hailing from a family where hunting is considered part of tradition, Shivani Thakur has been able to influence the elder members of her family to give up the sport by voicing her strong views and opinions about conservation and the web of life. Not only that, she has a small band of youngsters, her friends and other family members who have started doing their bit in saving the environment and becoming staunch environmentalists.
Govind Singh has just finished his M.Sc. in Environmental Studies from the School of Environmental Studies (SES), University of Delhi and is now a Research Scholar at the Center for Inter-disciplinary Studies of Mountain & Hill Environment (CISMHE), University of Delhi. His areas of expertise are Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Sustainable Development, Community based Environment Conservation, Gender Studies & Disaster Management. He also takes a keen interest in imparting environmental education and is working to establish the subject of Environmental 'Studies'. He is also an Environmental activist and runs the Delhi Greens Blog.
Paul McDougall is a Wildlife Photographer from the UK, now living in Nairobi, Kenya. Having visited over 20 countries in Africa, Paul tries to highlight conservation issues and raise awareness of the animals that can be seen through his photography. He has also traveled to India and have spent time in Ranthambhore NP photographing tigers, these images are also available to view on his website
Paul is also the joint owner of Wild Connection Safaris with a Kenyan business partner.
Russel Fernandes is a corporate trainer by profession and a wildlife conservationist at heart. Has travelled extensively to different National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries across India and worked with some of the finest people on the ground. He has a special interest in the Big Cats and Elephants. He has been inspired by Fateh Singh Rathore and Valmik Thapar's books on Ranthambhore right from his days in high school.
Surya Prakash holds a doctorate in Zoology and is currently with School of Life Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. A good photographer, bird watcher and above all a keen conservationist.
Jasjyot Singh Hans is an Animation Film Design student at NID, Ahmedabad. His interests include illustrating and reading graphic narratives. He also claims to be humorous at times. For more of his work, visit :
Aditi Baindur is a tenth standard student in Pune who loves dogs and rescuing snakes along-with her father, an army officer.
Sharada Balasubramanian is a journalist, writer, nature lover and a wanderer. She has been writing on environment and wildlife, green energy, business, travel, social issues, social entrepreneurs, to name some. She works with wildlife scientists to know and understand the issues of wildlife and has many articles to her credit. She maintains a blog called
K. Amina Bibi is a Post Graduate in Agriculture with specialization in Plant Breeding and Genetics. she is currently working as Agriculture Officer in Karaikal, Department of Agriculture, Government of Puducherry.
Expert Panel associated with IndianWildlifeclub
Ajit Seshadri is a marine engineer from IITD, Ajit is associated with the Vigyan Vijay Foundation. He has moderated our online chat on "Rain Harvesting" dated September 18, 2006
Amlan Dutta is an alumnus of Salim Ali School of Ecology, Pondicherry Univ(1998-2000) Amlan started his career as a wildlife biologist as an ornithologist,as a techincal assistant in the UNDP Inland wetland project. He is currently working for DPCL, Dhamara and Dhamra Port Company Ltd. He has moderated our online chat on "Sustainable Development: The Right Approach" dated December 23, 2013
Arpit Deomurari is Deputy Manager - Biodiversity Informatics & GIS at Foundation for Ecological Security. He has moderated a number of online chats for us.
Ashish Shah is an Environment educator with many years of experience in CSE(Centre for Science and Environment). Currently associated with NCF(Nature Conservation Foundation) and NCBS (National Centre for Biological Sciences).
Chaitanya Krishna is in environment education for youth. He moderated our online chat on:
"Tourism and Wildlife" dated August 18, 2005
"Environment Education" dated July 18, 2005
Deependra Prashad is visiting faculty at School of Planning and Architecture. He is also Secretary, International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism( INTBAU India. He was one of our speakers in the "Living in harmony with nature-II" workshop held in Gurgaon in June, 2014. He spoke on "Environmentally Efficient Building Design"
Dr. D'Silva is an environmental scientist by training, he moderated our online chat on "Taking Responsibility for One's Carbon Emissions" dated February 18, 2008
Gautam muralidharan has worked at conservation breeding facilities such as the Madras Crocodile Bank, and the EFBC � Feline Conservation Centre in Rosamond, California. Gautam studied Wildlife Biology and Ecological Design for a few years at the University of Vermont�s Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, after which he decided he needed to come back home to India and begin working on the real issues on the ground in India. The degree was left incomplete. This was the start of Oikos Ecological solutions.
Gautam heads Oikos Ecological Soultions . He moderated our online chat on "Conservation and Development in Emerging India" dated November 18, 2010
Gopi Sundar works at International Crane Foundation. He moderated our online chat on"'Crane Migration" dated November 18, 2004
Hemanta R Mishra is a Biodiversity and Natural Resources Management Specialist with particular experiences in national parks and wildlife conservation in developing countries, including Nepal.
He moderated our online chat on "Saving the one horned rhino" dated May 20, 2012
Himanshu Malhotra is an environment and Wildlife Film Maker and Member, Advisory Committee, National Zoological Park
He moderated our online chat on "Role of Zoos in Conservation" dated July 17, 2011
Imran Siddiqui is a wildlife researcher and GPS specialist, Imran has moderated our online chat on "Tiger Census" dated January 18, 2006
Jayant K Kulkarni is Executive Director,Conservation in WRCS,Pune. He is a former officer from Indian Forest Service. His interests include wildlife and forests conservation with people's participation. He has moderated our online chat on "Volunteering at Melghat Tiger Reserve" dated October 20, 2013
K. Venkataraman is director, Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata
Dr.Venkataraman moderated our online chat on "Conservation of Marine Diversity in India" dated February 18, 2011
Kartick SatyaNarayan is Founder director of Wildlife SOS, India. he moderated our online chat on "Bear Conservation nad Protection" dated June 18, 2007
Kartik Shanker started working on sea turtles over 15 years ago and is currently working on sea turtle conservation genetics both on the mainlandcoast as well as the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. He moderated our online chat on "Conservation of Sea turtles" on 18th april, 2004
Kashmira Kakati is wildlife biologist, (M.Sc Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun 1997). Worked in Upper Assam lowland dipterocarp forests on forest fragmentation impacts on hoolock gibbons and more recently on a camer. She moderated our online chat on "Rainforest Wildlife-Unique adaptations"" dated February 19, 2012
Kumarasamy is one of the seniur most bat researchers in India. He is faculty in the Department of Zoology, The American College, Madurai. He moderated our online chat on "Bats-The Night Warriors" dated October 21, 2012
Lima Rosalind is an environment educator. Lima has moderated our online chat on:
"Environmental Education" dated July 18, 2006 URBAN
"WILDLIFE"dated 18th October, 2007
M D Madhusudan is a wildlife biologist. He is interested in understanding the scope and limits to reconciling human concerns of growth and livelihood with the goals of wildlife conservation. He moderated our online chat on "Man vs Tiger-Can Science help?" dated July 15, 2012
Mahendra Vyas is a Supreme court Lawyer. Mr. Vyas has moderated our online chat on:
"Global Warming " dated September 18, 2005
"Offences Against Wildlife" dated September 18, 2004
Manasi Karandikar is part of the core team at who undertake assignments relating to eco- management.
She moderated our online chat on "Plant native trees this monsoon" dated January 18, 2011
Maninder Kohli was drawn to the mountains at an early age inspired by his father, Captain MS Kohli, who led India�s path breaking climb of Everest in 1965. Over the years, his travels have taken him across the Himalaya and to several locations around the world climbing, trekking, skiing, rafting and mountain biking. Maninder currently runs the Juniper Outdoor Pursuits Centre and is based in Delhi. He has previously worked with Citibank for 20 years and has found that outdoor adventure is a great way to unwind from the stress of modern corporate life. Maninder is a strong advocate of people taking to the outdoors and feels that it is a great value add if each youngster is is given the �right� introduction to adventure.
He moderated our online chat on "Trekking in the Himalaya" dated March 18, 2011
Manu Bhatnagar is an urban environmental planner from Cornell University. He has been heading the Natural Heritage Division at INTACH since 1996 where he is now Principal Advisor. He is also environmental advisor to major infrastructure firms. He was one of our speakers in the "Living in harmony with nature-II" workshop held in Gurgaon in June, 2014. He spoke on "Restoring the lakes of National Capital Region"
Mayank Trivedi works for Foundation of Ecological Security. He is coordinating a technical study on the nutrient cycling in our Rajasthan projectareas. he moderated our online chat on "Ecological Security" dated January 18, 2008
Mayukh Chatterjee is primatologist and expert in wildlife conservation, Wildlife Trust of India. He was one of our speakers in the "Living in harmony with nature-II" workshop held in Gurgaon in June, 2014. He spoke on "Conserving India's wildlife through integrative approaches"
N. Srinivas did his masters in Genetics and worked in Animal cell lines and culture for 3 years. Since he was more interested in Wildlife and drawn to amphibians, he is doing his doctoral in amphibians. He is looking at the spatial distribution and migration patterns in Indian Pond frog with little emphasis on its molecular assemblage and biology. He moderated our online chat on "Frogs of India" dated January 18, 2014
Nita Shah is with Wildlife Institute of India. She moderated a chat on "Vulture crisis in India" dated January 18, 2007
P.S. Easa was with WTI and is currently in Kerala, Well known elephant expert. He moderated our online chat on:
"Role of Captive Elephants in wildlife conservation" dated May 18, 2007
"Tribal Bill" dated June 18, 2006
"Man Animal Conflict" dated August 18, 2004
Pradeep Sharma is a Vet working for Vulture Conservation looking at use of different Vet Painkillers. He has also independently worked on Wintering ecology of various migrating Raptors. He moderated our online chat on "Vulture Conservation in India" dated August 18, 2010
Prashant Mahajan is with Earthwatch Institute, an Environmental NGO known for pioneering citizen science programmes in different parts of the world. Prior to Earthwatch, Mr. Mahajan worked with BNHS. He was one of our speakers in the "Living in harmony with nature II" workshop held in Gurgaon in June, 2014. He has moderated our online chat on "Role of Citizens in Scientific Research" dated September 20, 2013
Ravi Chellam worked with UNDP. Previously he was with WII, DehraDun. He moderated our online chat on "Asiatic Lion" dated March 18, 2004
Rita Banerji heads Dusty Foot Productions. Rita sees the video camera as a great tool for creating a dialogue on conervation at the grassroots. She moderated our online chat on " Wildlife Issues in the North -East of India" dated April 18, 2011
Ritwick Dutta is a wildlife lawyer and has moderated our online chat on:
"Citizen Participation in Environmental Issues" dated March 18, 2007
"Enforcement of Wildlife Act and the Common Man" dated January 18, 2005
"Recent Amendments to the Wildlife Act" dated July 18, 2004
Saraswati Kavule is an environmental activist, Informed traveller and farmer. She moderated our online chat on "GM Foods and Bio-diversity" dated March 18, 2008
Sathya Kumar is faculty at Wildlife Institute of India, Dehra Dun. He moderated our online chat on "The Himalayan Musk Deer" dated November 18, 2007
Sashi Kumar is a well known bird expert from Kerala. He moderated our online chat on "Migratory birds of India" dated October 18, 2004
Soham Mukherjee is a wildlife biologist with special interest in herpetology, wildlife rescue & rehabilitation, conflict mitigation, and captive management of wild animals. His work includes research, conservation education, community engagement and training professionals in wild animal management. He moderated our online chat on " Decreasing tolerance of backyard wildife" dated February 16, 2014
Surya Prakash teaches in the School of Life Sciences at JNU, New Delhi. He was one of our speakers in the "Living in harmony with nature-I" workshop held in Gurgaon in April, 2014. He has moderated our online chat on "Urban Biodiversity" dated September 18, 2011.
T K Sajeev was previously with BNHS, he is currently Education officer with Forest Dept, Kerala. He moderated our online chat on "City Parks and Biodiversity" dated December 18, 2006
T.R. Shankar Raman is a trustee in the board of Nature Conservation Foundation. He moderated our online chat on "Conserving wildlife in fragmented landscapes" dated January 15, 2012
V. Shubhalakshmi is Director and Founder at Ladybird Environmental Consulting; Previously Dy. Director, Bombay Natural History Society. She moderated our online chat on "Online Environmental Courses" dated March 15, 2014
Vaibhav Shete is skilled in Snake catching, Research on Biodiversity of Western Ghats, Birdwatching, Wildlife Photography, Naturalist. He moderated our online chat on "WILL ANIMALS ADAPT TO ANOTHER HABITAT........" dated October 18, 2010
Vivek Kamboj is the founder of "Haryali" an NGO involved in greening the NCR region. He is also a n environmental activist.

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