The Goechala (Sikkim) Trek Part II

The Goechala Sikkim Trek Part II

(Part I covered
Day 1 14km
Yuksom(5600ft) to Bhakim(8636ft)

Day 2 12km
Bhakim(8638ft) to Dzongri(12981ft)

Day 3
Dzongri(12981ft) to Dzongri top (13676ft)and back to Dzongri

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Part II

Day 4 10km
Dzongri(12981ft) to Thansing (12894ft)

Day 5 10km
Thansing(12894ft to Lamuney(13600ft)to Samiti Lake(14100ft) and back to Lamuney



The first view of Kanchenjunga, an entire snow-capped mountain range and first sightings of wild yaks were what Thangsing had to offer.  As the evening drew, the valley was covered in mist and we lost ourselves in a light drizzle that followed, after which we drifted off to a peaceful night in our tent.


Lhamuney is the final meadow before the mighty Kanchenjunga range.  Sitting there against the tiny stream it announced to us for the first time that we had been without electricity, cell phones, Internet and other jing bang for almost five days.  The fastest mode of communication seemed to be at yak speed.  It was quite a refreshing feeling and in fact we did not feel the need for any of these.

Lhamuney 2

Samiti Lake

Samiti Lake
How many times have you gone to a tourist destination and wished it was not THAT crowded? And how often have you thought of that idyllic place where there is no one around for miles and where absolute quiet leaves you to yourself? Samiti lake at 14,000 f is your redemption.

Calm, serene, beautiful, blue, green and various shades in between.  It is a picture from your dream, only much clearer and of course, all real.  Hailed as the Holy Lake by the locals, this used to be a camping site until sometime back. We were advised against taking a dip in the lake, and for a reason other than freezing ourselves.  The lake is just too pristine to be dirtied by bathing.

Take a walk around it, sit besides its waters and soak in the tranquility.


 To be contd.

The names of photographers are: Deepak Maloo, Piyish Rathore, N. Abhinav, Harmohit Singh Toor and Rahul De.
The text was a joint effort of the team.
Apart from the above photographers, the members of the team included Sandeep and Lapcha (Guides)

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