Quiz on Nature Spots of India

1. 70% of world's swamp or wild uffalo population is found in

2. The only river in India where you can raft in the summer

3. 'Gahirmatha' is a part of the -----------------Sanctuary.

4. Ali Bagh and Ratnagiri are two picturesque areas one passes through while going in the train

5. The topographic isolation of this plateau has prevented human habitation. What is this forest called?

6. In this sanctuary the Maldharis ( cattle herders) and predators compete for space.

7. The Sainj, Tirthan and Jiwa valleys constitute the -------------National Park.

8. The Nilgiri langur and the lion tailed macaque, both listed in IUCN's red list of threatened animals, are found here.

9. At least ----------of the 23 Project Tiger Reserves have special security forces for counter insurgency operations.

10. The lovely Markha Valley goes through------------------National Park

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