Quiz on Trees

1. The leaves of this tree resemble the imprint of a camel`s foot; being joined together in the middle each leaf looks like one of Siamese twins. In fact the Latin name for the tree was given by two 16th Century German botanists who were identical twins. T

2. A tropical evergreen, related to mahogany. Has potential in the fields of pest management, environmental protection & medicine.

3. Trees help reduce the effects of global warming by………………...

4. If one hectare of land is left without green cover, the amount of fertile top soil taken away by the wind and water every year is

5. A tree brings down the temperature of a place by losing water through transpiration. The temperature loss is upto

6. When in flower, this tree is either entirely leafless or left with some leaves on lower branches. A red coloured gum exudes from the tree which is largely used in medicine and in tanning & dyeing. The leaves serve as plates. What is this tree?

7. The bark of this tree is covered with sharp, conical prickles which disappear with increasing age. The fleshy petals of the flowers are eaten by birds & squirrels. The fruits ripen and open while still on the tree. What is this tree?

8. Nature was left untouched by humans at various spots that dot India`s countryside. These sites owe their existence to

9. The flowers of this tree are streaming clusters of bright yellow blossoms which hang from its branches. What is this tree?

10. A 100 foot tree can absorb approximately……………gallons of water through its roots in a single growing season

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