Quiz on tigers

1. . Recently, in Valmiki tiger resrve in Bihar, the forest staff staged a walk out and went on a fast unto death because,

2. In India we have ---------number designated tiger reserves.

3. The official estimate of tiger population in India is,

4. The last recorded white tiger in the wild was in 1951, in ,

5. Out of the three prey animals mentioned below, the most preferred prey of the tiger is,

6. The Ranthambhore Foundation which aims to restore the relative harmony that once existed between the forests and those who lived around them, was founded by

7. "Project Tiger" was launched in India in the year,

8. Among the following reasons which one is most responsible for decline in tiger populations

9. In Sunderbans man-eaters have been attacking forest permit holders. The maximum casualities during 75-85 were found to be

10. The Javan and Bali tigers are now

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