Quiz on leopards

1. Among the cat family, these are the best climbers; they can climb upside down and hang from branches with their hind feet.

2. Adapted leopards find ideal habitat in

3. Wildlife Protection Society of India ( WPSI) has for the first time in India used sub cutaneous microchips on lepards caught in

4. Forest Officers deal with the problem by

5. The snow leopard prey mostly on ungulates like

6. During 1998-2000, -------------------------- people were attacked by leopards in Bori Budruk( Western Gahts)

7. During the 1960s and 1970s, -----------------------was a major threat to the leopards in many areas.

8. This leopard inhabits alpine and sub alpine regions and is usually found above the tree line over 3000 meters

9. The reason for increased man-leopard conflicts in the Western Ghats is

10. In the year -----------------Peter Pallas first described the snow leopard identifying it as a species separate from the common leopard

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