Quiz on Threatened fauna of India

1. A species is declared extinct if there are no records for …………….years when scientists have carried out repeated searches in all possible habitats.

2. Asiatic lions are confined to just one area, the Gir forest in Gujarat. A major disaster/disease within the park could wipe out the entire population at a stroke. Therefore an alternative home for the lions has been identified at

3. In terms of the number of threatened mammals, India ranks……….

4. This endangered tree dwelling animal is found in Central and Eastern Himalayas from Nepal to Arunachal Pradesh

5. The pink headed duck …………..

6. The main cause of extinction of this magnificent animal was destructionof habitat and use for sports.

7. After cheetah, it is said to be the fastest animal which can reach to a speed of 100-104 km per hour.

8. "There is nothing in nature to prove that it cares for our human species than for daffodils. We may vanish as quickly and as radically as thousands of other breeds before us." Where are these words written?

9. This animal, in the crtically endangered list, is important for its gene pool from which domesticated stocks have been derived.

10. Most threatened among Indian serpents, this one is considered `endangered`

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