Quiz on tiger poaching

1. "Sailong" promoted by China as a substitute for tiger bone in oriental medicines is

2. A country with the best foreat and wildlife laws and the worst "on the ground" protection mechanisms is

3. Naxalite activity has resulted in a fear psychosis that prevents forest guards from freely patrolling the forest. This is true of

4. Globally wildlife trade is second only to

5. Despite hundreds of poaching cases caught in India the numbe of convictions are

6. Throughout Dudhwa National Park( 680 sq. km) ……………Forestry Department men clear tracks and plant trees and also monitor for poaching.

7. Unlike bone seizures, skin siezures have increased in India since

8. The international wildlife trade has resulted in around ………….species being pushed towards extinction globally

9. Trade in tiger and tiger products are banned under

10. Which of the following is a tiger consumer country as per the tiger enforcement task force?

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