Quiz on wetlands

1. Useful functions performed by wetlands are,

2. The mangroves of Bhittarkanika are famous for

3. India has a total of----------------Ramsar sites

4. 57% of mangroves in India are found in the

5. Agriculture and aqua culture have destroyed more than 80% of mangroves in

6. One of the most important mangrove forests in the world which is both a Ramsar site and a World Heritage site is,

7. A larva called " cavaborus" abounds in this lake and eliminates bacteria in the water, thus contributing to exceptional purity of water. The larvae are found in this Ramsar site

8. The most important factor which will decide the fate of mangroves is,

9. Wetlands of international importance are called

10. Gulf of Mannar is a major habitat for the endangered

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