Quiz on Cranes and Storks

1. Of the following places, where are cranes not found at all?

2. The male and female of this species looks alike. The juvenile storks can be mistaken for openbilled storks from a distance. These are, ……

3. Of the 15 species of cranes, ……….are vulnerable to extinction.

4. The Bishnoi community in Rajasthan feed and protect the Krishnakraunch. The Sanskrit name “krishnakrauch” refers to

5. Forty species of migratory birds feature in a film by Columbia Tristar released in March 2004 –The film is

6. Siberian cranes once nested in W.Siberia and wintered in India. The last documented Siberian crane in India during winter was in the year……….

7. The measured martial gait as it paces up and down gave it its name. This stork is seen in North & North.East India.

8. Sandhill and Whooping cranes call ………..…..their home

9. The periodic movements of locust swarms cannot be referred to as migration because….

10. This stork is quite common in S.India nesting on ficus trees, electric towers etc.

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