Quiz on Rhinoceros

1. The population of Indian rhinos have stabilsed at --------------------thanks to conservation efforts

2. Slightly larger than the Sumatran rhino with the armored plate look of the Indian rhino, this species is now reduced to less than 60. Which is this species?

3. Rhinos are native to the continents of Africa and Asia. Only ------------- species of rhinos are still alive.

4. Rhinos have a gestation period of

5. Poachers kill rhinos to sell which part of rhino’s body?

6. The rhino is a plant eating species. The Indian rhino weighs up to

7. Rhinos have

8. The only two horned species in Asia is ....

9. Rhinos can live to be....

10. After elephants, the largest creature found in the African savannah is the ...........

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