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Postage stamps issued with pictures of wildlife/nature become Collector's items. In our routine brush with postage stamps most of us, unless we are ardent stamp collectors, miss these colourful stamps. brings you a feature wherein we examine each day a special stamp issued by the Department of Posts to commemorate an endangered species or to celebrate a beautiful natural heritage.

When a crafty crocodile sets his sights on a tasty monkey in the trees, he tries a variety of methods to eat the furry primate. Each time, however, the cheeky monkey finds a way to get around being eaten. In the end, the crocodile admits defeat. "Monkey, I thought I was cunning, but you are much more cunning than I. And you know no fear. I will leave you alone after this". The monkey accepts the crocodile's compliment but makes it quite clear that he will be watching out for the crocodile anyway.

The story, a classic, is based on a Jataka tale from India, the story is (according to its Library of Congress heading), "A retelling of one of the Indian fables relating to the former births of Buddha in which as a monkey he manages to outwit the crocodile who decides to capture him". No real mention of Buddha is made in this story, however, so it is left up to the reader to make such a connection on his or her own.

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