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Right Answers to Quiz on history of National Parks of India

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Right Answer toQuiz on history of National Parks of India

1.To the indiscriminate slaughter to which wild animals were subjected to prior to the 1920s, the idea of the …………………..was born.
  • game sanctuary
  • national park
  • forest reserve

  • 2.The Bombay Natural History Society was formed in ……….to promote the conservation of wildlife.
  • 1885
  • 1912
  • 1920

  • 3.The Wildlife Act of 1912 specified
  • the closure and opening of the sanctuary be left to local government
  • closure of the sanctuary during breeding time
  • the grant of awards for slaughter of noxious animals and birds

  • 4.The destruction of priceless works of art such as old temples or magnificent buildings would not be tolerated by public opinion, but it is curious that in India of all the places, where animal life is often sacrosanct to an extraordinary degree, the extirpation of her fauna continues without any public outcry." Who wrote these words in 1936?
  • Col. A.I.R Glasfurd
  • S.H.Prater
  • Stanley Jepson

  • 5.The local secretary of the united Provinces Branch of the Preservation of the fauna of the Empire Society was
  • Capt. Lioonel Hearsey
  • F.W Champion
  • Major Jim Corbett

  • 6.The idea that a country should preserve unspoilt and unexploited, its natural grandeur, gave the world its first national park in 1872- this was
  • Kanha National Park, India
  • Serengetty National Park , Tanzania
  • The Yellow Stone National Park, U.S.A

  • 7.India`s oldest national park is
  • Kaziranga
  • Corbett
  • Kanha

  • 8.India has ------------number of tiger reserves
  • 50
  • 23
  • 14

  • 9.In only two regions-Manas (India & Bhutan) and the Sunderbans ( India & Bangladesh) have more than ………… set aside for tiger reserves
  • 500
  • 1000

  • 10.In its number of mammals threatened with extinction, India ranks
  • 4th in the world
  • 6th in the world
  • 3rd in the world

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