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A Bright and Happy New Year to all our members. Let us pledge to renew our efforts to lead a life in harmony with nature.

We are starting the year 2005 with the launch of a blog for This is an easy online journal where IWC members can share their thoughts and experiences on the weblog. (Only text, sorry, no pictures). Let us hear about the latest trip you made to a nature spot, a wild life film you watched or a book that you found interesting…………..Express yourself freely and give us your feedback on the e-zine articles, on our photo gallery and other features. Record experiences, insights, facts, campaigns ----- for teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

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And Views…………..

“ …If we were to attempt the same research problems that those in the U.S do, we shall generally be handicapped due to want of money, facilities, and the pace with which the scientific machinery and enterprise moves here. The playing fields are simply not level- particularly in areas such as experimental physics or molecular biology.

We can only hope to build a handful of centers with facilities that match those in the U.S. , given the resources involved. On the other hand, if we consider the rich biodiversity we are blessed with, an Indian scientist working, say on the biology of a local here is on par with one in America , Europe or Australia who is working on his local species.

Our man/woman here can delve as deep into the subject as he/she can, find novel information, and when he wants special facilities available only elsewhere, these can come about through collaboration, time-sharing or other modes suited for that purpose. And he becomes a globally respected authority on the subject, on par with his colleagues elsewhere. This would bring about a higher level of confidence, self esteem and progressive advance in the climate of science in India .”

- Prof. Raghavendra Gadagkar of Bangalore

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