She is falling

She's falling.

She, who shade gave and fruits bore,

For the greedy ones who wanted more

Is in a thud, landing.


She's falling.

What we can't, for us she in the sun makes.

But we ungrateful with a stroke of the axe,

Her are killing.....


She's falling.

Tears roll down my cheeks; helpless I'm watching

Her avian refugees in the skies go screeching.

 And Earth's seething.


She's falling.

She, in who nestled many a beautiful creature;

She, who piously did her companions nurture,

Her fall's appalling!


She fell.

But with it to her murderers sounded death knell.

For later, Nature rebuked. Rains stopped and dry went the well

And man saw hell...


She fell.

But taught the foolish man

To 'live and let live'.

And in his life span ‘Take' later, but first 'give'.....


© 2006 Vidya Venkat.

(This poem is part of her first book of poems "Voice of an Anonymous Poet" currently under publication from Writer's Workshop, Kolkata. )

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