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Posted by schoollee on January 24, 2020


When you go out in search of an Online School Management system in India, you will notice that there are a slew of such applications out there. And it becomes hard to pick one from the cluster. But what if you have certain deciding factors? They would help you make an educated decision, wouldn’t they?


Considering the above dilemma, here we are with 5 important deciding factors that will help you choose online school management software.

  • User-Friendly: The first and foremost deciding factor is the user-friendliness of the software. Now there are lots of features and functionalities in the software that you have purchased. But what if the user-interface is not that great? What if you these features are not strategically placed on the interface. Such an issue would invite unnecessary trouble in your school management. Therefore, ask the vendor for a free trial before you pick an online school management software. Look for the user-friendliness of the application, see if the navigation is easy and ensure that you are quite comfortable with its use. Schoollee - a well-known online School Management System in Rajasthan is admired by all because of its user-friendliness and clutter-free interface. We ensure that as a user, you don’t have to struggle while using the software.


  • Cloud-Enabled School Management Software: One of the biggest advantages of having a cloud-enabled school software is speed. You’d be able to perform the operations lot faster if the school management software is cloud-based. Furthermore, in the case of a cloud-based application, the crashes reduce to a great extent. All in all, for a seamless experience, go with cloud-based school management software. Schoollee is powered by Prarthana Associates Pvt. Ltd. - the Best Software Development Company in Udaipur and with the cloud-base, it has ensured that you have a smooth experience managing your school.


  • Reliability: You are ditching your paperwork and migrating to the digital way of managing your school. And therefore, reliability plays an indispensable role here. You don’t want to lose your data and neither do you want someone to steal it. On the whole, do check for the reliability factor before picking up a school management software. You can check the software reliability during your demo sessions. While many providers of Online School Management Software in India do offer free demos, there are others who do not. Go with a provider that offers a free demo. During your free trial, insert some of your data and set a reliability parameter. If the software meets that parameter or exceeds it, go with that application.


  • Support: You might not understand all the features of the software at once. Or you might face hiccups initially in uploading the data or grasping the functionalities of the school management software that you have purchased. In such cases, it is imperative that the provider of that software is there for your help either on call, chat, or any other medium. In fact, it’s not just the quality of the product that makes loyal customers, it’s the after-sale support that helps businesses generate recurring revenue. All in all, verify before purchasing that there is after-sale support if the need arises. Regarding the after-sale support, you need not have to worry a bit in the case of Schoollee. As one of the most trusted Online School Management Systems in Rajasthan, Schoollee offers amazing after-sale support to its clients. In fact, there is continuous support from the Schoollee Team even at the time of the demo session. You have a doubt, we are here for you.


  • Features: Features are something that schools see first. And of course, they are not wrong for it’s the features that decide if the school management software will help a school or not. However, we have kept it in the last for there are providers of Online School Management Software in India who mislead their clients with features. All the glossy and glittery mentions of features can easily convert anyone. But it’s the actual use and post-sale support that matters a lot. Talking of features, ensure that there are basic features such as Academics Management, Fee Management, Finance, and Expenses Management, etc. Schoollee offers all these basic features along with advanced functionalities. These are Library Management, Transportation Management, Reporting, Parents Communication, and much more. As on this date, Schoollee is offering its free trial for 45 days wherein you get to try all of its features. Furthermore, Schoollee doesn’t ask you for your debit/credit card details. Try Schoollee Today!


Wrapping Up


There are many Online School Management Systems in India. It is important that you find one that caters to all your needs and comes at an affordable price. Schoollee is powered by the Best Software Development Company in Udaipur - Prarthana Associates Pvt. Ltd., which takes care of all the aforementioned factors. In conclusion, for a seamless, easy, and hassle-free school management experience, try Schoollee - a Comprehensive School Management System.


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