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Posted by uidmudaipur on May 01, 2020


Link building is still the most important part of SEO. Do you want to ensure that your website is better found in Google and that more traffic comes to your website? Then this is an important part to get started! With the link building tips below you can also ensure that you get more backlinks to your website.

1. Write guest blogs

Content is becoming increasingly important. That’s why many companies are open to collaborating with guest writers. This is beneficial for you because you can write a guest blog on a related website! In return, one or two links will be placed in that guest blog on your website.
For instance; you have a jewelry webshop. There are plenty of lifestyle platforms out there that would like you to write an article about jewelry trends right now. And in this blog, you can refer to your own jewelry. Another example is that you have a platform about yoga. There are plenty of yoga schools with their own blog and they will like it if you write a guest blog about yoga! If the websites are equal to each other — for example, both starters you can often make a barter appointment.

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2. Have blogs written about your company

Of course, you do not have to crawl into the pen yourself, but you can also ask other questions to write about your website. However, this is often paid for. Therefore, first, read how you can determine whether it is a good quality link building website and whether it is worth paying for the article with backlinks. There are plenty of black-hat SEO practices here, so watch out for that, but if you do it the right way, writing articles about your services/products will do the trick!

3. Your Chamber of Commerce registration and business guides

Your company is registered with the Chamber of Commerce. But is your website also listed there?This is not a mandatory item and you may not have had the website when you signed up. So there is a good chance that your website is not yet listed here. Then it is wise to add your website address. Indeed, there are many other business guides such as Dribble and Oozo that copy the data from the Chamber of Commerce and publish it on their own websites.

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4. Pinterest

As you probably expect, Pinterest has a high Domain Authority score, they even have the maximum DA of 100 and a PA for their homepage of 82. So important websites to get a backlink from! By creating an account and posting your own content on Pinterest with a reference to your website, you will easily receive a backlink from this powerful website. Afraid you don’t have content? Do you sell products? Then you can post the images on Pinterest. It seems more difficult with services, but you probably have a portfolio or photos of yourself at work. And also think out of the box; on my own Pinterest account, for example, I have a board with the quotes I have posted on Instagram and a board with an overview of all my blogs.

5. Wikipedia

Another great website is Wikipedia. Just like Pinterest, this website has a DA score of 100 and most pages have a PA score of well over 50. Getting a backlink from Wikipedia is also super valuable. Unfortunately, just a bit trickier than a backlink from Pinterest. However, not impossible!
Go see which pages are all relevant to your product/service. Is all information on these pages complete? Or do you see opportunities to supplement this information? If you supplement this information, it is good to include a source reference to the origin of this website. And you guessed it; that will be a backlink to your website!

Imagine you have a company that sells matcha. Check out which information is already on the matcha page and maybe you can still add information to existing text or add extra information about the health benefits of matcha tea.

Especially the Dutch Wikipedia is not as extensive as the English Wikipedia so that gives plenty of opportunities! And you can also find inspiration on the English-language Wikipedia to supplement the Dutch-language page!

A few extra link building tips

  • Initially, start by downloading links that point to your homepage. Later you can also refer to specific pages. That way you first build the Page Authority of your homepage; the main page of your website and ensure an overall uplift of your website. Then you can also work on the PA of other pages to focus on specific keywords. An exception to this is of course if the content is about a specific part of your website. For example, if you promote a specific product on a guest blog, you also refer to this specific URL with the link.
  • Link building takes time. Therefore, plan time in your agenda to focus on this. For example, planning one full day every two weeks to get started with link building yields more in my experience than doing a little every day. Don’t you have this time? Then think about outsourcing link building.
  • Request with my free backlinks check not a scan of your own website, but a scan of the backlinks of your competitor. That way you can gain insight into their backlinks and gain inspiration to get started with your own link building!
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