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Posted by Annabell Matt on July 08, 2020


What is the cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines?

After the confirmation of booking with Turkish Airlines, if your travel plan gets cancelled, you can cancel your ticket without any worries. Turkish Airlines has introduced the cancellation policy to facilitate its passengers. When you cancel your booking, it will be processed according to the cancellation policy of the airline. To get more details and info, you can refer to the details of this article.

Cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines

If you want to cancel your booking, you must keep a few things in mind about the cancellation policy, which is mandatory for the cancellation. The important terms of the cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines reservation are as follows:

  • The ticketing service fee will not be refunded in any circumstances.
  • If less than 1 hour is left for the departure, you cannot cancel the booking, either online or offline.
  • The cancellations are not allowed 1 to 12 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • In the case of no-show, no refunds will be provided if the cancellation is done after the departure. Only the landing charges of the flight are refundable.
  • Unlike other airlines, there is no 24-hour policy in Turkish Airlines.
  • When you cancel the booking, you will only get the tax amount of the ticket as a refund. 

When a ticket is cancelled with Turkish Airlines, almost all the money you have spent is gone. So, these are the rules to cancel a booking with Turkish Airlines.


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