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Posted by Annabell Matt on August 06, 2020


How to fix computer facing issue with starting up

Computer is a device that most of us use daily spending a major part of the day either working, studying or playing games. Now if you use any machine or a gadget continuously, it’s likely to stop working or come up with any technical bug. In case you are facing an issue of Computers not working properly like not turning on then it’s high time to pay attention to fix it.

Computer not working properly and how to fix it

Let’s say if you decide to open up your computer, try to log in but it refuses to open. Computer system not being able to turn on is a common technical bug that all computer users face. In case you are facing the same issue then you can fix it by following ways or can contact Computer tech support experts.

1.If you log in and computer is taking time to turn on then maybe your device has got heated due to excessive use. Instead of repeated attempts of turning it on, better re-boot your device.

2.You can also leave your device off for sometime till it cools down and then again start trying to turn it on.

3.Turn off the device and try to peep behind. Check if all the cables and wires are properly connected. If not then fix it and then try to log in.

4.In case your device is not charged, that can also cause issue in loading your device. Hence make sure there is enough power and charge your device.

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