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Posted by Rajyashree Agarwala on August 27, 2020


Indian classical music is a rich tradition that originated in the subcontinent and can today be found in all corners of the world. For millennia, Indians have had an analytical approach, a scientific bent of mind, and have lived in close harmony with nature and their environment. This has promoted a holistic approach to life and has resulted in their various sciences and arts being inter-linked with nature, ultimately aiming for human wellbeing. The traditional sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga propose music as a therapy technique. Over centuries Indians have put significant emphasis on their ancient music traditions and have ensured its preservation, revival, and evolution. Ragas of Hindustani Music that we know today are an important aspect that have survived to the current day.  I have planned a series of blogs that will cover the history of Indian classical music and its evolution, conceptualization of North Indian Hindustani ragas with focus on inspiration drawn from nature, seasons and festivals, adaptation of these ragas in prevalent genres of Indian music and Hindi film songs and facets of raga rendition and their relation to human wellbeing. This aspect gains importance during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Currently two blogs in these series are available on "The Speaking Tree" at the links given below: 

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Susan Sharma says

August 27, 2020 at 11:17 AM

Excellent blog! Thanks for writing

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