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Posted by Annabell Matt on September 08, 2020


What is the Turkish Airlines Flight date change Policy?

Turkish Airlines acknowledges the matter that the things do not always work as per the plan so this is the reason why they allow passengers to make changes in their flight booking. You can even request for a flight change online with the help of manage booking section on Turkish Airlines official website. There are lot many changes that you have to apply in your itinerary but if you want to have some knowledge of flight date change then follow the information mentioned below.

·   This airline permits the flight date change for the passengers travelling on the international flights.

·      The cost of international flight change begins with 200 dollars and can increase due to the international price tag.

·    Besides the flight date change, this airline allows numerous changes on both domestic and international flights such as change date, time and route of the flight booking. The only thing that is not allowed is domestic to international route change.

·        The passenger has to pay a change fee for a flight change but it differs as per the domestic or international flight change.

·        If the passenger is doing the Turkish Airlines reservations change after 12 or less hours left for scheduled departure then you have to give 30% amount of your original ticket price.

·        The flight change fee for both domestic and international flights range between 20 Euros to 40 Euros that is based on the fare rules.

The passengers can contact Turkish Airlines customer support to get additional information on the flight change or any kind of query you have regarding Turkish Airlines Reservations and booking with them. They provide on the spot customer assistance to its passengers so that they can remove all their queries within no time.

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