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Posted by Shuttlesky on September 17, 2020


Many homeowners like lift and slide doors because they open your living space to the outdoors within a few seconds. Not just this door design boasts a space-saving design but also offers seamless functionality. Besides, the door provides ample daylight and secures ventilation into the room, as it opens parallel to its fixed unit. The best part is that these doors open up smoothly with the flick of a hand to one side or stay at the center.

Characteristics & Benefits of Lift and Slide Doors

·         Lift and slide doors offer unmatched protection against environmental elements since its locking points across the sash perimeter are entirely engaged.

·         This door system is highly energy efficient.

·         It offers unobstructed views of the outside landscape while providing a higher level of protection against intrusion.

·         Easy to operate.

What mechanism is used in the lift and slide door?

As you turn down its handle, it effectively locks up into its place while weather seals are compressed for preventing air leakage. Just a 180-degree turn to the door handle engages the wheels while raising the door to glide onto the rail system to offer smooth movement. It further allows seamless operation with minimal effort without any friction within the seals.

Advantages of installing lift and slide doors

The following are some noteworthy advantages of lift and slide doors to make them a better option for modern homes:

1.      Natural Daylight & Unobstructed Views

The best lift company in India offer you a full view of the outdoors. Since these doors are made with a huge glass panel and less framing between each panel, these are perfect for offering you beautiful views right from the comfort of your home.

Moreover, large glass doors enable more daylight into your home. Daylight not only brightens up your living space but also boosts your mood and energy level.

2.      Space-Saving Option

Unlike traditional doors with hinges that fold and swing, the lift and slide doors slide to open and close. This minimal difference does help in saving a lot of space while making the transition cleaner and aesthetic. In multiple panel configurations, these doors stack in front of each other to ensure they use minimal possible space to flow indoor and outdoor.

3.      Energy-Saving Solution

Lift and slide doors integrated with Low-E glass and surface coating of a transparent layer of metallic oxides help in reflecting heat while supporting the energy-efficiency of your home. Sealing of these doors also ensures heat and cold air won’t escape and will also save you money while keeping things comfortable throughout the season.


When upgrading your house doors, it’s best to choose something more comfortable to use and also bring in natural daylight into your living space. Lift and slide doors are one of the best door designs not just to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property but also to make your house more energy-efficient and space-saving. It makes this door style an excellent option for small homes as well. However, you need to make sure that you purchase your door from a reputed and professional company to get a high-quality product.

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