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Posted by rose kim on November 20, 2020


Do you require correct details about the delayed flight compensation on Delta Airlines? If so then this is the most appropriate place for knowing complete information. Delta Airlines maintains separate rules for compensating a passenger whose flight got delayed more than a limited time period. Delta offers the compensation to the passenger for a flight delay due to the inconvenience it causes to them. Therefore, the right details about the delayed flight compensation on Delta Airlines are explained in the points below.

According to the delayed flight compensation rules of Delta Airlines they provide each passenger around 600 euros as a compensation for the inconvenience caused due to a delay of flight on which they were supposed to travel

Moreover, Delta Airlines also arranges accommodation for the passengers in situation of a flight delay or they offers a flight replacement to the passengers in a necessary condition

Delayed flight compensation is provided by Delta Airlines to passenger only in case when the delay is 3 hours or more than that

More according to the delayed flight compensation on Delta Airlines when a passenger reach the airport later than 3 hours then also they can get a delayed flight compensation after the checking

Hence, the rules for Delta Airlines reservation for compensating the passengers in a condition when a flight got delayed without prior notification are as illustrated above. Besides, Delta Airlines also provides additional support services to help the customers who need any flight reservation related assistance from them.

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