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Posted by emilee Boone on March 28, 2021


Know how to stop avast notifications, you can follow the step given below:
1. Open Avast interface.
2. Go to Setting in menu.
3. Then go to components and shift it to right side.
4. Click on Customize beside Do not Disturb Mode.
5. Then uncheck box of add new apps.
6. And then save change.
Hopefully above steps will help you to fix the issue if not you can also follow our blog on how to prevent avast pop ups.

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David Boon says

March 31, 2021 at 03:44 PM

Turn off Do Not Disturb Mode notifications
1. Open Avast user interface

2. Click on Menu, choose Settings

3. Components > Performance > Do Not Disturb Mode

4. Click Customize

5. Uncheck ‘ Automatically add new apps’

uncheck automatically add new apps in DND Settings

6. Click ‘OK’, done.

Note: Now you’ve to manually add the apps to Do Not Disturb mode, it’s not that difficult either, visit Avast interface > Performance > Do Not Disturb mode, select an app in the list and choose ‘Add App’, like that add other apps also.

I hope these steps will be helpful!
David Boon

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