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Posted by james smith on May 06, 2021


**How to fixDasher app not working?**

The Dasher app doesn't work, but most of the dread notifications one can get. The doordash app offers convenience when ordering is trusted by many users. the work and the fast turnaround time made the app need a lot of people.

The dasher app faces its own problems. Problems range from customer-based to ultimate employee problems.

If your doordash app keeos going down for no apparent reason. This quick and easy guide will give will get it up and running smoothly.

**The Doordash app is not working and How can we download the Fix it instantly?**

If you are also facing Doordash app issues like idle controller app, Dasher app is not responding, Doordash Dasher app is down or not, Doordash app is not working, why is Doordash app crashing now, how to contact Dasher support, how to connect with Doordash customer service, and other issues related to this food delivery app and resolved on Twitter, then you are in the right place.

**The solution of these types of problems is usually not too complicated**

1. The first step is to understand if you have mobile data connectivity issues.

2. Or there is an application outage.

3. Many times, errors happen when your mobile data is down.

4. Check if you have your mobile data limit.

5. If you are a working GIG, I am sure you have an unlimited data plan.

6. We suggest you check with down detector if the threshold is down.

7. You can also reset your wi-fi or cell phone on your mobile device.

8. Activate Airplane mode, wait 5-6 seconds, and turn it off again.

 **These are the most common tricks to fix the Doordash app crashing on a mobile phone**

**1. kill the app manually and restart it**

On Iphone, double click the start button. then you will have to place the application you want to close at the top of the screen.

On Android, you can use the apps if the above didn't work for you and the door app keeps crashing.

**2. Restart the phone**

the normal method, since you probably now just press the button to turn off your phone for a few seconds and then reboot.

You can also do a 'Hard Reset'.

You can force reboot an iPhone by pressing the off and home buttons at the same time for 10 seconds.

Sometimes the app crash is not caused by your phone, but by the app itself.

**Helpline and customer service number**

If you have a problem to solve, you can call the customer service number.

**App for IOS and Android, you can get help by following process**

Open the application on your mobile phone.

If your Inquiries are related to the related order, tap the order tab button navigation bar.

Select the order and tap on help or in the upper right corner.

Choose the appropriate problems and family submission form.

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