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Posted by mishki on May 13, 2021


Gmail accounts play a vital role in everyday life. Having trouble with your Gmail account could be highly troublesome. In order to get rid of the troubles, you can communicate with the Google support team. However, if you want to recover a hacked Gmail account, then it is highly advised that you follow the steps that are included in this paper.

How do I recover a hacked Gmail account? 

In order to recover a hacked Gmail account, the users are advised to stick to the ways that are listed down under:


  • One way to recover your hacked Gmail or Google account is through contacting the Google support team at Gmail. 

  • Another way is to perform the password recovery for your Gmail to regain access to your Gmail account. 

For performing the password recovery of your Gmail account, you are advised to follow the below-mentioned ways:


  • Visit the Gmail account recovery page. 

  • Enter your Gmail id followed by the password. 

  • Hit the ‘Forgot password option. 

  • Receive a verification code on your registered email id or phone number.

  • Get access to the password recovery page and formulate a new password.

I hope the inclusion of this paper will help you with Recover a Hacked Gmail Account.

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