There is a garbage explosion all around us. It takes up precious land space. It spreads dirt and disease epidemics. The good news is that almost 60% of this garbage is biodegradable. One of the easiest ways of turning this waste into nutrient rich compost is using the help of ‘Garbyhogs'.

The Garbyhog Home Builders Club , a project of Environment Education Promoters, is a fun learning method of teaching vermi composting to school children.
Children constructing the vermi compost bed in their school.
As part of their CSR program Xansa India, sponsored the Garbyhog project in this Government School, in Harola village, Noida, UP.
Ms Veena Nagpal at Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi

To obtain a starter kit for starting a Garbyhog Home Builders Club contact:

Environment Education Promoters
D-164 Sector 41, NOIDA, 201303, U.P, India
Tel:4340493; 9811109798

Buy the Book online!

Buy the book “The Worm That Wanted to Fly” by Ms Veena Nagpal online. Apart from telling the story of a fictional hero ‘Garbie Garbyhog’ the book gives a step by step account of the process of vermi composting.

The book costs Rs 150/- only inclusive of postage anywhere in India. Payment to be made by Demand Draft in the name of ‘Environment Education Promoters’.

Bulk Discounts

For bulk discounts on orders of 50 books or more, contact Environment Education Promoters.

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