Traditional Art Draws From Nature
Paramparik Karigar was formed to preserve and promote the traditional art and craft of our country, as well as to create an environment conducive for the craftsmen to create their exquisite pieces of art. The institution encourages the craftsmen to constantly innovate new techniques, designs and styles. They provide resources for them to do detailed research in their respective field of craft, so they can use their expertise to write books on the subject. This will help the future generations to absorb the paramparik skills and further excel in their creativity. Paramparik Karigar gives an opportunity to these master craftsmen to bring their unique art and craft to the forefront. It organizes exhibitions, seminars, and fairs, where craftsmen from every corner of the country can display their crafts and skills.

Roshan Kalapesi , patron of Paramparik Karigar believes that empowering craftsmen can improve the quality of life in the village, perhaps even surpass that in the city. It can stem the exodus from village to city, and is a real alternative to a job as clerk or button-pusher and life in our proliferating slums.

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