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News and Views


Here is good news for all android mobile users!
IndianWildlifeClub has now got a mobile app!  

This is the homepage of our mobile app!

Our mobile app can be downloaded free at the link

Now carry the Club with you wherever you go.

We are also working hard to upgrade to a responsive website.  Alok Kaushik has been working day and night trying to make this legacy website responsive!.  We are 

The Bhimashankar Volunteering program is on track.  In May 2016, three young girls will be part of the volunteering team who participate in foot patrolling of Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary.    Apply now to join the June batch at

Yogesh Alekari, Field Co-ordinator for Bhimashankar Volunteering project inside the sanctuary.


Vdeo communication is the order of the day and we are using our you tube channel to communicate with our users in a meaningful way.  We look forward to more of you watching our channel and writing your comments on the you tube comments section.  

We plan to release videos on a regular basis, in and around various important dates celebrated nationally and internationally to save nature and environment.   That said, what is a video if there is no entertainment?  So here is Mr.peacock celebrating "World Dance Day" in his inimitable style!

Air purifiers take care of the micro environment in our room.  What about the environment in which we walk, run, cycle, drive and breathe?  Delhi Govt takes care of the micro environment where people walk, run, drive and do their day to do work/business/play.   The video we released on "Earth Day" is talking about serious issues concerning all of us.
Have a look

If you have not yet subscribed to our video channel, please do so now.  You will be the first to know when we upload a new video.  

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