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The Vanishing- India's Wildlife Crisis

The Vanishing- India's Wildlife Crisis
By Prerna Singh Bindra

Review by Susan Sharma

288 pages of convincingly argued logic on why wildlife in India is declining fast.  Suggestions and holistic recommendations on how we can avert a crisis.  That is Prerna's book.  

The narration of ground level realities hits you hard as the author has written from personal experiences and does not shy away from expressing her own feelings which more than often reflect the readers' own.

A book which resonates with every Indian, a book without any agenda.

Nearly 40 pages of end notes and index indicate the amount of research which has gone in to complete the book.  That said, the facts and statistics are interlayed with anecdotes and real people which gives the book almost a cinematic quality.  The author has a very balanced look at where the pursuit of undisciplined and unscientific growth can lead us.

A must read for all Indians-who care about themselves and the future of their children.

When the author did a book promotion in Gurgaon, the GenNext of Gurgaon participated enthusiastically in the debate which followed.  The video recordings which I have put together can be seen at the link below.  
Here is a collective distress call on "The Vanishing"  Want to add your voice?  Watch the video and add your comments on the You Tube channel comments section.  Ideas emerge when we talk.  We at IWC will make your voices heard. 

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