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We are devoting the 24th edition of "Wildbytes" to the not so glamorous member of the animal kingdom, the frog. There is an informative quiz, the correct answers to which will be published in our next ezine. There is feature article on the frog and the endangered bird of the month is called" frogmouth"! Also, our chat topic for October ( 18th at 7.30 pm) will be …" Amphibians". It is time that these bio-indicators of our land got a place under the sun - please be there in the chat room to share our "frog tales". invites articles from members.

As the founder and content aggregator for this website dedicated to bringing people all over the world to the 'Indian Wildlife Club' I need your help. With tightening budgets all around the tech and dot-com market place, is in need of support from those who love nature and wildlife.

All you need to do is…..write 250+words on your favourite animal contact story, favourite nature spots....or your feelings on conservation of wildlife, environment, trees, your review of a remarkable video/book on Indian wildlife, write up on an NGO which prefers to do the work quietly outside public gaze, reports of volunteer efforts to protect rivers, trees, wildlife in your area. Send the article along with images ( at least one is a must) to copy to


We have received a number of interesting queries from our readers. Please go through them and respond to the email id given. Will readers respond cc to

1. From: "David Leonhardt"
Subject: Vultures

I have heard there is a shortage of vultures in India. I am wondering if this is true, what the main cause might be and what the top three or four repercussions are. Also, how serious does IWC see this problem?

This is for an article I am preparing for publication. The theme of the article is that everybody and everything has a purpose and a usefulness. I am a big fan of Mother Nature, so I often use environmental themes. I suspect that the vulture angle is one my readers will appreciate.

Thank you for whatever information you can provide.

David Leonhardt



I'm a student of Class7'A' in FAPS (Frank Anthony Public School)
I just wanted to know How The Peacock Became India's National Bird.
My name is Shreyas.

( We forwrded the query to Mr. Samar Singh of World Pheasants Association, who responded by sending a whole article on the Peacock published by him. )

3. From:
Subject: Chiru

Hi, I just watch a Television show about the chiru. I live in Akron, OH., United States.
The show a was watchibn was the ultimate explorer form National Geographic. I understand the need not to buy the shahtoosh shawls. Has anyone tried to capture the Chiru and breed them in captivity??

thanks for the information.
tom lopez
4. From: "Ian Gill"
Subject: Chiru antelope.

I would like to discuss with your people a way to further protect the chiru antelope. Banning the sale and production of the shahtoosh shawl has not prevented its manufacture and sale.

I propose that a natural fibre produced by our family be used as a substitute fibre to replace the chiru wool and take further pressure off its hunting. This fibre is as fine as the chiru, nearly as rare but longer in fibre length.
Are there people in your organization with whom I can discuss this?
( This mail was forwarded to WildLife Trust of India, who are taking up the matter directly with Ian Gill)

5. From: mehta jinesh
Subject: flamingo city
would you please tell me , which place is known as flamingo city,
thanking you
jinesh mehta, jamnagar

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