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Correct answers to quiz on Ape

All correct answer for Apes was sent by Roopam Dhawan of Chandigarh and two members Vinai Shukla & Mamta have scored 9/10.

We have a new quiz on 'Snakes' which is online now. So hurry up and attempt it !!

Correct answers are written in red.

1. The largest primate is
O Gorilla O Orangutan O Chimpanzee
2. .......................opened a window on the social nature of gorillas, their complex range of emotions and behaviours.
O John Mitane O Jane Goodall O Dian Fossey
3. The DNA similar to that of homo sapiens.
O Gibbons O Chimpanzees O Orangutans
4. In parts of Africa and Asia, effective protection for apes have been provided by
O Tourist dollars O Game laws O State Governments
5. Bonobos are different from chimpanzees because they are,
O Smaller O Female centric O Walk upright often
6. Bonobos are found in the wild only in
O Sumatra O Nigeria O Zaire
7. Tool use among chimps was first discovered in
O 1980s O 1930s O 1960s
8. Hoolock gibbons use their mark and establish territory.
O Urine O Scent O Songs and whistles
9. The only ape found in India is the
O Hoolock gibbon O Chimpanzee O Bonobo
10. Genetically ........................are closest to humans
O Gorillas O Orangutans O Bonobos

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