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Conservation of wildlife has come to mean taking action to help endangered or near extinct birds and animals to a large number of people. However, conservation is much larger than that. Conservation refers to keeping the web of life intact. Unless we are aware and love and protect all the links in the web, the chain can weaken and break at any point.

That is what seemed to have happened to the white backed vulture. The spate of projects and awareness films about this bird has now confirmed the great importance of this bird in keeping the web of life intact and healthy. The cattle egret is another bird we take for granted. No, it is not endangered; but is about as common as vultures once were. We have an article on this bird in this month’s ezine in the series “common birds”. 

Shivani’s article on nilgiri tahr “not an ordinary goat” connects the endangered to the ordinary. In keeping with our general mood to understand more about marine life, we have the first part of an article about a visit to the marine national park. Do read our chat transcript on marine biology too.

And Views…………. “

"Every judgment in this country is a future investment for the judge who made it.“

"Soon after independence we had the great notion of nation building. Now no one talks about that. We talk of globalization.

There is a disjunction between culturally valued goals and culturally proscribed means, and that will remain if we don’t change substantially.

The upper middle class is becoming inner-directed, as against outer directed. Yet they don’t realize that public welfare is connected with their own”

T.K Oommen, Author of “Crisis and Contention in Indian Society”, quoted in The Hindu dated 1 March 2006

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