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Green - The Colour in Vogue!

Green - the colour in vogue!

-Govind Singh


Three of the Internet’s biggest brands - Yahoo!, Google and MSN  have decided to go green! And there’s more to it than just the colour!

Symbolizing ‘environmental friendly lifestyle/activities leading to a sustainable society / development’, green has always been the colour for all things environment!

Targetted primarily the US citizen and with the logo - “Many small changes equal one great change“, - aims to fight global warming and helps users make an action plan that fits their lifestyle!

Amidst green news and facts, the website also enables the users to calculate their carbon footprint! (- it takes only 18 seconds to change a light)- another initiative by Yahoo! is promoting the switch to Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) within the United States.


In collaboration with, MSN has been the web-address of the Live Earth Concert! features a host of ‘green’ articles, photos, videos and events. Microsoft’s official ‘Environment Stewardship and Sustainability’ Commitment and related articles can be read here at Microsoft’s official website. is asking users to do just 3 things (for) now -

  1. switch to CFL light bulbs
  2. adjust (the) thermostat
  3. insulate (your) water heater

It also has several interactive features and a lot of links to Environmental Blogs on Global Warming and Climate Change all over the www.


Somewhere around the beginning of this year, a Blog by the name of ecoIron had, in a post titled  Black Google Would Save 750 Megawatt-hours a Year proposed the theory that a black version of the Google search engine would save a fair bit of energy due to the popularity of the search engine.

Following this, Heap Media - an Online Australian enterprise came up with - Powered by Google custom search!

Google itself has something green up its sleeves. Built for the American traveller, lets users search for “environmentally friendly hotels” instead of just “hotels.” Powered by Google Maps, the URL also lists some green destinations within the United States.

Google should also be given credit for remembering all the different environmental days and festivals (e.g. World Environment Day, Earth Day, etc.) and changing its logo appropriately!


Call it environmental awareness, realization of a greater ‘corporate social responsibility’ or good business strategy…the Green Wave is here now and it does not seem to show any signs of fading away!

Back home in India, we havn’t been able to see much green so far! Although NDTV’s Environment Section has been around for some time, IBNLive has clearly taken the lead with its Citizens for Earth campaign. HindustanTimes also has a static page on Environment! However, our very own Internet Giants have so far remained unaware and untouched. It is time now that those who claim to be India’s No. 1 ISP brands come up with our very own green pages.

Anyone listening? 



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