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Guestdog at Our House

A dog that had lost its way has taken shelter in our house since 2nd April. It was quite exhausted when it came and has a chain around its neck. Now having fed it, from the 2nd day it started wagging its tail and it is acting as our watchdog.

 It doesn’t allow anyone to come into the house, it doesn’t go out. When we closed the gate when it was outside, it stayed there till we came back and didn’t allow the servant to come in and Regie had to come from office to allow her in.

The dog appears well trained and disciplined so far. Not from any nearby area as could be traced. But needs a lot of food as it is fairly big.

If nobody turns up we will hand it over to somebody willing to take it. Photos taken on mobile attached. May be you can help us identify the breed.

Anil, Regie

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