Documentary screening

Goethe Zentrum, Alliance
Francaise of Hyderabad & Docu Circle of Hyderabad
POINT OF VIEW (Screening of documentaries)
On June 26th 2010 we are screening - 
Buru Sengal
(The Fire Within)
This documentary is a portrait of a painful transformation. The land of the Tana Bhagats, a peaceful sect of the Oraon tribe who follow a Gandhian lifestyle and philosophy, is today besieged by Naxalite violence. In tracing the impact of the underground Maoist guerrillas, the film touches upon corruption, the mafia, energy politics and displacement of villages, and tribal identity in an area where Coal has been mined for the last 150 years.
Best Film
Award, XVIII Balk International Cinema, 2003.
Grand Jury Award, Film South Asia ’03.
Special Jury Mention, Earth-Vision
Film Festival 2002
Film Festival in Asian Social Forum, 2003, Hyderabad
9th Energy Film Festival, Lausanne, 2003
Documentary Film Festival, Istanbul, 2003
Born in 1966, Shriprakash has directed several films and won awards at the Earth Vision Film Festival, Tokyo, the Thunderbird Film Festival, USA ,
and Film South Asia, Kathmandu. Shriprakash is
also chief coordinator of Kritika, an organization located in Ranchi that works in the field of culture and communications in India's Jharkhand region.
Time – 5.30pm Date – 26/june/2010
Venue – Goethe-Zentrum, 2nd Floor, Hermitage Complex,
(Adjacent to HACA Bhavan, opposite to Kalanjali),
Hill Fort Road, Nampally, Hyderabad 
Phone: 040-6552 6443 / 2324 1791

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