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Illegal trading of birds

Green Defenders at - Madhya Pradesh


     reported by-Prajakta Hushangabadkar (People for Animals)

Madhya Pradesh is the heart of the India. Kanha, Pench, Bandhavgarh etc. are famous tiger
reserve bases in this state.

Last week I visited Bhopal’s well-known Janhagirabad market known for butcher shops and pets shops. It is located near police residential quarters in Bhopal.  I found the shopkeeper deal with customers for parakeets, pigeons, ducks, tortoise-turtle and many exotic birds too. Even many animals like rabbit, cats etc. were stocked in the shop. There were 40-50 parakeets (gray headed, blossom headed, Rose ring and Alexandra parakeets) for sale.

When I tried to question the people they said it was regular business here.  I tried to lodge a complaint against the dealers.  But the forest department were or not aware that these parakeets come under Indian wildlife protection act.  (Parakeets come in schedule 4).   Initially they tried to dominate me, but later relented by giving me a flying squad.   We could only rescue parakeets since the department was least interested.  The department stated that dealers possessed weapons and chances of charging against officers after raid was possible. That is why we could only rescue parakeets.

Though birds are used as a source of entertainment it may be noted that they play an integral role in the ecological system.  They help in restoration of forest by dispersing seeds of the various fruits they consume. There arises a need to create awareness regarding their role in environment as well as the legal laws related to their protection. I wish I would do the rescue again at jahagirabad market at Bhopal.

Please try and stop illegal trading of birds by creating awareness about the problem and with help of the legal laws for protection of birds.   

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