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The Jungle Cat goes on hunt in Velavadar, Gujarat

The Jungle Cat goes on hunt in Velavadar, Gujarat

By Ajay Jain

The Blackbuck National Park in Velavadar, Gujarat is a delightful place to spot many species. With the right guide, you can see some rare sights. Like I did of the Jungle Cat out on a hunt.

A Jungle Cat looking toward me - what was she checking me out for?

The Jungle Cat is camera and people shy. I was not just lucky to spot one, but it also stayed put. Why? It was out hunting for food. Rats specifically. Seen here is the cat is a still position mapping out the target.

As I watched, the Jungle Cat stood still in a crouching, alert position for a long time. And then it jumped. Literally. High up in the air to grab its prey. Seen here is the cat going up.

And here she is coming down. She would miss her prey.

The cat has a sheepish, silly grin for having missed especially when she had an audience waiting to applaud. She can no longer make eye contact, embarrassed as she is. Time to walk away - pride hurt, stomach empty.
- Ajay Jain is a travel writer and photographer and shares his stories on www.kunzum.com. He can be contacted at ajay@ajayjain.com

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