Wild rescue

Rescue of Civet Cat

-Input from Prateush Muraleedharan

 The above photo is that of a civet which was rescued from a house near Aluva, Kerala. He was under fed

and confined to a small cage. The owners were afraid of him and were not able to release him because

they owned a chicken farm and feared for the life of their chicks. When they contacted Prateush, he

immediately went to collect him and handed him over to Kodanadu forest range where he is being nursed

back to health.


Pratheush k Muraleedharan (age 21) is a wild life enthusiastic  and a wild life rescuer for past many

years. He has been engaged in snake rescuing and wild life rescuing for past 5 years. He rescues both

venomous and non venomous species from human populated area and release them to the forest with the

help of the forest range office located nearby.

He also rescues exotic illegal pets from various people’s houses and try to educate them about the

various aspects of wildlife  trade and the importance of the  sustenance of various wild life species

in his locality. He was an aeronautical engineer by profession with Mesco airlines, Mumbai but always

knew that his life rested with animals, so he resigned.

Now he is engaged in animal husbandry in his own property. Presently he owna an ornamental fish farm

and a small kennel. He has experience with almost all venomous and non venomous species of snakes,

along with various other animals like Asian palm civets and exotic birds.

See a youtube video showing the hapless civet in the cage at the following link


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