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Iora and the Quest of Five

Iora and the Quest of Five

Author: Arefa Tehsin

Arefa Tehsin has been inspired by her father Dr. Raza H Tehzin, whose undiluted love for the the wild is evident in his various original writings.  The daughter, inspired by this llove for all living beings, has taken it upon herself to bring the joys of her childhood to many more generations.

Any child has the capability to dream, create, design and build a wonderful place in the world.  This world is enriched by her interaction with flowers, butterflies, birds and animals.   The virtual world can expand imagination but also limits the imagination in some ways by information overload.     Arefa's world, I mean Iora's world, is rich with unspoilt and unlimited imagination-a real roller coaster ride for any child.   As an adult I was transformed to the beautiful world of fairy tales when I read the book.  

Iora is a resident of Twitterland, a hidden rainforest civilisation.  Through her adventures in the Whacky Wilderness-an enchanted jungle- along with dwarf Beetle and bosom foe Owlus, Arefa takes us through many tribes, clans and creatures of the wild.  For a generation who has lapped up films like "Avtar" and the" Harry Potter" Series,  visualising the world of Iora is easy.   As  identification with the imaginary world grows- which it is bound to- thanks to the very "suggestive" names of creatures in the Whacky Wilderness,  the reader is made to think.  Are we destroying the known and unknown treaures of the wild in our unbridled quest for development?

Written in a racy, yet simple language it is a must read for all children and the adults who look after them.

 Review by Dr.Susan Sharma

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