Did You Know ?

Did You Know?


(Collected from Limca Book of Records by Prashant Mahajan, CEC, BNHS)

  • Maximum Plant Species: The family of angiosperms (flowering plants group) represent 867 out of total 30,0000 species of plants known.
  • Oldest Tree of the country: A Shaitoot tree at Joshimath in the Chamoli District of Uttar Pradesh is believed to be about 12000 years old. Another is the Deodar tree at Balcha, Garhwal is said to be 704 years old.
  • Longest-lived tree species: The Banyan tree found in most parts of India lives over 250 years.
  • Tallest trees: Fir and Deodar grow to an average height of 76.2 m (250 ft.)
  • Fast Maturing Trees: The Eucalyptus and the Subabul trees mature very fast. They are both ready for cutting in just 6 to 7 years.

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