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There is good news for nature lovers wishing to volunteer for hard core volunteering projects in wilderness areas.  

Here is the link to volunteer for a pilot project underway in Melghat Tiger Reserve, Mahahrashtra, by WRCS, Pune.

Be there on 20thOctober for a chat with the Executive Director of WRCS, Jayant Kulkarni.

Kedar Valley refuses to leave the mind space of naturelovers.  The effort to rebuild the valley by tree plantation, building eco-lodges away from flood plains and giving employment to local people will take a long time

Please read the latest update on Uttarakhand in this ezine.    The tipping point for protecting the Himalayas is here. “Sustainable aspirations of the people of Uttarakhand” is the mantra for development.  

Let us make a small beginning. 

Help Yashpal Negi rebuild Mandakini Magpie Bird WatchersCamp at a place safely away from the earlier camp, which was washed awayby the floods.  ( All but the kitchen which rested on a rock,  is gone, says Yashpal Negi).  Bird watchers who stayed with him in the past, vouch for his passion.  

  IndianWildlifeClub has been running a campaignto help Yashpal Negi.  

Help rebuild Mandakini Magpie Bird Watchers’ Camp Send moneyto 

Yashpal Singh Negi, 

 Kakragad, PO Bhiri, 

Dist. Rudraprayag Uttarakhand 246419, India

 Mobile No. 09412909399

 Bank Acctt. Detail State Bank of India - Bhiri, Code -9834, Saving Acctt. No. 11442534733

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The World WildernessCongress being held  in Spain during Oct4 to Oct 10, 2013 made a note of the efforts our online club is making in spreading awareness.  An invite has been sent to us for making apresentation on“Online tools for education and community protectionof wildlife and wild lands” at the conference.    The relevantportion of the invite is reproduced.

Susan Sharma

Indian WildlifeClub 

Dear Susan,

 Your exemplary commitment to conservation and community leadershipis an important contribution to a global movement to protect Nature and humancommunities. Congratulations and thank you. We would be very honored if youwould join us as a featured presenter at WILD10, the 10th World WildernessCongress (WWC), to convene in Salamanca, Spain, 4-10 October 2013.

 The WILD10 process is an important contribution to protecting wild nature and building international support and understanding about the interconnection between Nature and people, prosperity and planetary systems. The WWC – the world’s longest-running, public,international conservation program – is a platform for all perspectives and a call for action, cooperation and positive models as human society works toward a more sustainable relationship with nature. Background information is attached;other details are at The contributions of indigenous and traditional peoples is essential to this process and we are very pleased that Indian lands, culture and wildlife will be represented at WILD10.

 We would like to showcase your work that culminated in the vast advances made in India. To do so, it would be ideal if you could attend the WILD10 “Global Gathering” plenary sessions on 4-5-6 October, and present in the Indigenous & Community Lands & Seas Forum 8-9-10 October. As part of our commitment to Indigenous and traditional peoples and communities, wild nature, lands and seascapes, there will be opportunities to present papers, research, oral histories, visual materials, cultural displays and more. We can determine an exact date and time for your addresses as soon as we know your availability. Your participation at WILD10 would assure high level, productive global exposure to an international network dedicated top reserving and protecting wild nature and community on a global scale. Your presentation would focus on“Online tools for education and community protection of wildlife and wild lands.”

The Conference events are being streamed live and anyone can attend the Conference online. I found the sessions a great learning opportunity.

So here is



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