At The Table

By Jayant Deshpande

One sunny day in the Leea bush,
Fluttering butterflies were on a rush.

The Brown king crows,
Feeding in rows.

Common Silver line settled without haste,
Whilst the Common Jay had no time to waste.

Tailed Jay took a sip on the wing,
Kept on flying in a ring.

A florescent Blue Bottle flew past
As if it was on a self imposed fast

There came a common Rose
Who wouldn't care for a pose

Of the pieridae
Gulls & Emigrants were the representee

The common Nawab not to be left behind
Found himself a dead crab hind

The vain male Daniad egg fly
Kept chasing away every other butterfly

It was one Leea bush they all share
Taking turns at every ware

Man(un)kind has a lot to learn
From these lovely lepidopterans

( Picture of Common Crow Butterfly was taken by Jayant Deshpande)

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