Sangai Deer

Sangai Deer
- Ali Naqvi   alinaqvi56@gmail.com

Brow-antlered Deer is popularly known as Sangai.   Brow-antlered Deer is also known as Thamin Deer or Manipur Deer.
Place in wild where they are found - Keibul Lamjao National Park in Manipur is the only place where they survive in the wild. It is credit to the National Zoo, New Delhi  today there are more Brow-antlered Deer in the Zoo's than in the wild.

Description about the photographs- ( both the photographs were clicked on 8th October 2013)

Ali writes
"I am a aspiring photographer. I like all genres of photography, but still I have a more love for Wildlife Photography as compared to other genres of photography. I went at the National Zoology Park in Delhi for photography and I was just loving my day. Clicking White Tiger, Snakes, Black buck, Painted storks etc. everything was going just great. Then I saw something special, there was a area for Deers and Black Bucks where I saw the love of Mother and child. It was really amazing for me to see the love between the Deer and her child. Child was just following the Mother everywhere. Clicking them was better than anything else in the world." 

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