Kanha National Park

Dear Visitors

(An Appeal from Kanha -written by Suhas Kumar)

Let the tiger be the master of the jungle

Not a slave of man

 There are lot many creatures here

Plants, birds and beasts, frogs and reptiles

 Beautiful insects and butterflies

 They make the jungle live

 And that is why, it is here that the tigers thrive.

 In vistas heavenly and sublime


 To immerse yourselves in the MAGIC that Kanha has to offer

You will be a different man, woman and child

When you go back home with the memories of this



I know,

Your desire to see a wild tiger Is very strong

But perhaps you don’t know

 Keeping tigers at bay for you is wrong

When you see a tiger from elephant back

Surrounded by gawking tourists and numerous Elephants, jeeps and cars

You may get Thrilled once.

 But when you would return

You would feel very sad for the master who is now a slave

Of man’s caprice and greed.

 Let the TIGER’S freedom prevail

He will show up near you when would feel

The tiger is a beast of free will

 Why force him to behave otherwise to serve man’s thrill

Kanha is not a zoo where tigers walk behind bar but a land


And here tigers roam wide and far

Let it be that grand and engross yourself in this fascinating LAND.


 - Suhas Kumar 24.2.2009

 If you are not able to play the embedded clip on Kanha, by Dr.Susan Sharma See it by clicking on the link below



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