As time flies and 2017 unfolds, Team IWC wish all members a very Happy New Year.   

Here is a poem by author Arefa Tehsin and  Adityavikram More


I see Time as it rolls and flies

And crawls and laughs and spies

It stands like a rock stock-still

As a heron looks for a kill

It looks with horror struck eyes

Of the fish…and then it dies

It hangs upside down with a bat

It slinks around the night with a cat

It flicks its tongue with a snake

It stares up the sky with a lake

It sighs with lovers under the moon

Then falls in their arms with a swoon

It runs down with tears on beer glasses

When you want it to stay, it passes

It dashes with the vigour of youth 

When you’re old it acts like a sleuth 

Sees dusk with an old man’s sight: 

The passage of another day into night 

It heaves up and down with breath

It moves slowly in a house of death

It repeats itself with the waves 

It lies to rest with the graves

It snoozes with dusty old snaps

And traces its footprints in maps 

Raises sword with a madman’s rage

And denounces the world with a sage

Whether we’re angry or we grieve 

It won’t slip a second down its sleeve

Time, our greatest enemy and friend

Marks our beginning, brings our end

One thing Time can’t do is wait

Call it fated will or willed fate 

Any moment, our time can run out

My friend, that’s what time is about

On this day, we wish you Time

A life that’s not a rush, but a rhyme

(A poem by Arefa Tehsin and Adityavikram More)

Do not miss the rainbows on the roads you travel!

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