Conversation on Climate Change

Conversation on Climate Change
-Susan Sharma

Anukriti Sud Hittle works in the state government of Hawaii's Climate Change Commission and as a Research Fellow at East-West Centre. Before Hawaii, she was a climate change researcher with World Resources Institute, Washington DC, an activist at Greenpeace and a professor at Washington University of St Louis, where she co-led delegations to International Climate Control Conferences ( COPs 20,21,22).  Anu has done her Masters in International Relations from Columbia University and a Masters in Forest Resource Management from Duke University with focus on economics, policy and law.  

Shashi Sharma from IndianWildlifeClub interviewed Anukriti when she visited India. In her first video, she explains why she believes that climate change is "REAL".  She believes that the scientific language used by climate scientis ts can be confusing to common people and politicians tend to take advantage of this confusion.

Leave aside hurricanes and floods ravaging the world, climate change is observable in your own garden plants. 

Relating climate change to the lay person in his language is the need of the hour. 

Climate Change--Is it for Real? Hear what Anukriti Sud Hittle has to say

In the second part Anukriiti talks about the economic impact of the fast way climate change is happening -not in an immediate life threatening way-but slowly and surely.

India is going to be one of the worst hit.  But it is one planet and collective action is needed.

She thinks people need to be made aware at the level where they are affected personally.  Messaging has to happen at different levels.  

Climate Change-Climate Action Conversation with Anukriti Sud Hittle

In the third part, Anukriti feels that a lot of climate change orientation needs to happen at the institutional level by private companies.
Individual actions like avoiding plastics etc needs to be linked in to organizations to have impact.  Mahatma Gandhi is our example for what organized action can achieve.

Organizing for Climate Action-Conversation with Anukriti Sud Hittle                            

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